About Us

Our History

Located at 29 Central Ave, in Chelsea, MA, Aqua Laundromat offers a modern and efficient laundry experience. Having served the community since the 1980s, we now feature advanced high extract washers that ensure less moisture, and therefore, faster drying. Alongside, we have amenities like vending machines, an ATM, ample folding space, a sound system, TVs, and comfortable seating.

Legacy of Service

Since our doors first opened in the 1980s, Aqua Laundromat has been more than a place to clean clothes – it's where generations of Chelsea families have shared stories, smiles, and the rhythms of everyday life.

Competitive pricing

Understanding the needs of our diverse Chelsea community, we offer competitively priced laundry services. Our aim? To provide you with top-notch laundry solutions that fit comfortably within your family budget.

Check Out The Weight-to-Price Ratio

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*Average pricing based on weight. Actual price may vary. Our machine rates can be found here.

Adapting and Growing

Over the years, we've seen Chelsea transform and grow, and we've adapted right along with it. From updating our machines to creating a more comfortable environment, every change has been made with you, our cherished community, in mind.

Commited to Quality

Our dedication to providing quality laundry services has never wavered. We understand the trust you place in us with each garment, and we honor that trust by ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and care.