Aqua Laundry

Clean & Modern Laundromat In Chelsea, MA

Experience a Modern Laundromat

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Wash & Dry In Under 1 Hour

Patio Space (Coming Soon)

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Click this link and enter your laundry card number to login. You can also download the app here.

View the Machine Availability

The first page shows all of the currently used machines and their statuses.

Go to "Subscriptions" and Claim Your Card

If you ever lose your Aqua Laundry Card, you will be able to have the balance transferred if the old card is under your name.

Washing Machine Sizes

Washer price based on cycle and additional options (COLD, MEDIUM, HOT, SUPERWASH)

20 LB


40 LB


60 LB


90 LB


Dryer Sizes

Average dry time 28 minutes

30 LB

25¢ per 7 min

45 LB

45¢ per 7 min

29 Central Ave. Chelsea, MA 02150

Aqua Laundry is located at 29 Central Ave, only a 5 minute walk from Broadway and downtown Chelsea. Visit us today and explore the modern laundromat experience in Chelsea, MA!