Aqua Laundry

How We Started

Our History

Having served the community of Chelsea, MA at 29 Central Ave since the 1980s, Aqua Laundromat was fully renovated in 2018 & now features new high extract washers that ensure less moisture, and therefore, faster drying. We have ample folding space, laundry detergent/snack & soda vending machines, a sound system, TVs, and comfortable seating.

The Aqua Laundry Standard


Since our doors first opened in the 1980s, Aqua Laundromat has been more than a place to clean clothes – it’s where generations of Chelsea families have shared stories, smiles, and the rhythms of everyday life.

Understanding the needs of our diverse Chelsea community, we offer competitively priced laundry services. Our aim? To provide you with top-notch laundry solutions that fit comfortably within your family budget.

With ample parking and conveniently located within walking distance of a bus stop, accessing Aqua Laundry is a breeze. To make your visit even more enjoyable, we provide comfortable seating, large flat-screen TVs, and soon, a patio area for families to relax.

Our Goal to Be A Greener Laundromat

renovations & Improvements

At Aqua Laundry, we believe in continually improving our services and facilities to offer you the best laundry experience possible. Our dedication to excellence is matched by our commitment to sustainability, ensuring that we not only meet your needs but also contribute positively to the environment.

Electric Consumption at Aqua Laundry

Solar Energy Power Generated

Here is today’s production:

Here’s the yearly production:

* Average residential customers uses 6,000kWh. Source

Upgrades at Aqua Laundry

Aqua Laundry's Greener Impact

To achieve these goals, we have made significant investments and upgrades to our laundromat. In 2018, we underwent extensive renovations to enhance your laundry experience and reduce our environmental footprint.

Our state-of-the-art washers and dryers are not only more efficient but also help lower utility costs, passing the savings on to you. We have also invested in solar panels, allowing us to harness renewable energy and further reduce our carbon footprint.

Additionally, Aqua Laundry proudly participates in Renewable Energy Credits programs, supporting the development and use of renewable energy sources. These investments reflect our commitment to providing a modern, eco-friendly laundromat that benefits both our customers and the planet.